Sascia of Luln

Townsmistress of Luln


Race Traldaran Human Female
Age 28 (as of AC 1000)
Hair Light Brown, long and wavy
Eyes Brown

Tall and lean, Sascia’s appearance belies a strong and capable fighter. When Luln is at peace, she wears tunics and trousers, and could be easily mistaken for a common resident of the town.

Due to the incessant raids, she keeps her chain mail and long-sword close at hand and can be ready for battle within a minute.



Born in Luln in 978 AC, Sascia grew up witnessing the atrocities performed by the nearby Black Eagle Barony. Her parents were killed by a group of raiders when Sascia was 10, and she narrowly avoided capture. She found refuge and training with an old, retired soldier and learned the art of war. The constant raids of bugbears, brigands, and the Iron Ring gave Sascia the chance to hone her skills with the sword, and now Sascia is one of the best fighters in the entire Duchy.

The previous Townsmaster recognized her skills and her unwavering sense of justice, so he stepped down from his office and recommended Sascia to lead Luln. During her tenure, Luln has added an armed militia, began work on a fortified city wall, and keeps patrols in the surrounding forest to protect the town.

Her capable leadership has caught the attention of Duke Stefan, and he is considering her for knighthood.

Sascia is fierce and focused on building Luln into a proper town, rather than an armed refugee camp. She believes (rightly so) that the Black Eagle Barony is the source of most troubles in the area and is a stauch friend of anyone that works to bring it to an end.

Because of her mentor, she is extremely loyal to the Duke and will not act openly against Baron Ludwig von Hendriks until Duke Stefan realizes the treachery of his cousin.

Sascia of Luln

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