Mystara (The Known World)

For those of us who began RPG’s with some form of Basic D&D, Mystara holds a special place in our hearts. The Known World. The grandfather of D&D worlds.

Much of the material included here is taken from the “official” TSR/WoTC material. Much more is from fan-created works found on the Piazza and from the Vaults of Pandius I try to put my own spin on things, but I make no claim to their creation. If possible, I will credit the original creators. But much of what I do is an aggregate of information from these sources and is difficult to keep up with all the references.

So, anyone that is interested in Mystara, please visit the sites I’ve shown above. There is an amazing group of people keeping Mystara alive and adding tons of information, even now.

Misfits in Mystara